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CATHY HACKL one of the most sought-after keynote technology speakers in the world states,

“With prices coming down and specs for running HMDs becoming less constrictive, VR will see a rise in adoption. The critical part of the debate on VR adoption and hitting mass market will also come down to content. The need for high quality content that is not only visually pleasing and narratively enticing, but that also keeps vection to a minimum will be more important than ever. This provides a huge opportunity for content creators. We’re already seeing studios like Chris Milk’s Within raise millions of dollars because great VR content is what the market will crave.”

This makes the virtual reality arcade the newest innovation in arcade action.  With the ability to supply gamers with multiple games and multi-player gaming at an affordable price, the virtual reality arcade becomes an indisputable “must” for children, adults, and families.

“There’s not that much you can do if you’re 13, 14, 15, 16 after school aside from if you don’t play sports,” George Casseus, head of business development for Brooklyn VR arcade Yokey Pokey. “You just don’t want your kids to play video games at home. They come here. They play with their friends. They do more active things inside of here as well.”

Virtual Reality arcades are no longer the future, they are the NOW!!

Come play with us!!

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