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Virtuosity began as The Dream Tank Virtual Reality Tour with one headset at Greece Town Mall just inside Exit 7.  We had mobile capabilities and were able to do home parties.


For safety reasons we decided to rent a space in Greece Mall and leave the mobile business.  The only available space was a small 500 sq ft unit at Exit 2 across from Prestige Boutique.  We opened with five units operating, one dedicated to a driving seat.

One year later we opened in another location in the Mall at Greece Ridge.  We are back at Exit 7, next to Old Navy and across from the Shoe Dept.  We have over 3,000 sq ft of space.  We have a two seat pod unit for roller coaster rides.  We lost our car but gained a party room and a multiplayer area.  We also have five (5) room set-up areas for single player experiences.


We will continue to grow and provide the best virtual reality experience we can to all of our customers, members, and clients.

Virtuosity is committed to bringing affordable virtual reality experiences to all members of our community


New virtual reality arcade caters to children with special needs

June 21, 2018 07:54 AM

A virtual reality arcade is opening at the Mall at Greece Ridge just in time for summer break.

When you put on a headset, you can travel almost anywhere in the world. Virtual reality isn’t the future anymore — it’s the now!

And thanks to the Virtuosity Virtual Reality Arcade, you can experience it yourself. For just 50 cents a minute, you can access every game in the virtual reality library.

The arcade welcomes people of all ages and abilities. Kids with limitations who may not be able to go on a real rollercoaster can experience it at the arcade. They can also conquer fears of flying on planes and even travel to different countries.

Virtuosity is the only woman and minority-owned virtual reality arcade in the area.

Owner Lori Thomas hopes to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, and encourage them to get into developing the games instead of just playing them.

“I want to give our children — all children — the opportunity to lean into their gifts and talents and become the developers and graphic artists that are needed for developing games, the mathematicians that are needed, the computer programmers that are needed, the musicians that are needed,” Thomas says. “All of these things go into game development. It’s not just a one-man show. It’s a team effort.”

Virtuosity Virtual Reality Arcade opens today — June 21 — at the Mall at Greece Ridge.


New virtual reality arcade opens in Greece

By: Howard Thompson 

GREECE, NY (WROC) – A brand new arcade in the Rochester area is giving many people the chance to experience virtual reality for the first time.

It’s called Virtuosity and it’s located at the Mall at Greece Ridge.

Making it even more unique: The arcade is the only business like it in the Rochester-area that is both female and minority-owned.

Lori Thomas is a retired teacher. She says she opened the arcade because she wants to bring virtual reality to everyone despite their financial, physical or mental limitations.

“We had a young man who had been in a wheelchair all of his life and he was able to ride a roller coaster for the first time and that’s so rewarding and that’s what i want to bring to the community,” says Thomas. “I want to bring that enjoyment of life that everyone can experience.”

Virtuosity has five virtual reality stations in which people can play games or enjoy simulations.

It’s located across from Lenscrafters at the Mall at Greece Ridge.


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