Promos & Specials

virtuosity logo picture update 2

We’ve got the Beat, we’ve got the Beat, yeah we’ve got the Beat! 

Beat Saber tournament!  Coming soon! 

$10 to play $100 to win!! 

Get the Beat, sign up now and get 20 minutes of practice time free!!

Save money by taking advantage of our monthly specials!!


Celebrate Halloween “Zombie” style by playing Arizona Sunshine or Brookhaven Experiment during our BOGO event!  You purchase the time and we match the time for free!!



It’s Thanksgiving!! Get into the spirit with VR Super Sports! Pay for 10 play for 20! Eight games to play – All ways to have fun getting your cardio on!!



Work off those holiday calories with Sprint Vector!!  Your first 10 minutes are free with a 15 minute game purchase or more!!

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