Virtual Reality Tournaments

Hone your skills today!

Win big tomorrow!

“The VR League is the next step in the evolution of VR esports – with $220,000 USD in prizes, more games than ever before and a new, more flexible structure. Powered by Intel and Oculus, the VR League is home to Echo Arena, Echo Combat, The Unspoken, Sprint Vector and more.” –

“On September 26th and 27th at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA, the top eight racers players from Europe and North America will take the stage and rush through 8 high-octane races for their share of the $11,750 prize pool and the bragging rights that come with being the first-ever Sprint Vector champion. “

At Virtuosity we want to give our customers the opportunity to become winners in the virtual reality tournament revolution!

Starting in November we will be hosting our own virtual reality tournaments with the intent of sending one of our own to the VR League world finals!

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November 12 – 24, 2018 Beat Saber pic

Beat Saber

Ever wonder what “Dance Dance Revolution” would be like if it were totally immersive and even more fun to play?  Well now it is with “Beat Saber”! 

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where the goal is to slash the beat as they come at you and receive health benefits for working yourself up the leaderboard.

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December 21 – 29


Space Pirate Trainer

Remember those awesome classic arcade cabinets?  Imagine if those were completely immersive?  Now they are!  Space Pirate Trainer puts ypu in front of a relentless wave of with all the weapons ammo, shields and extras you would ever need to do battle in space.  Get ready to shoot, block and duck your war into the top spot of our Leaderboard!

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February 15 – 23


Arizona Sunshine

Virtual reality meets the zombie apocalypse!  Arizona Sunshine tests your metal with a friend against the undead of the Arizona desert!  Collect weapons ammunition, hats and masks as you move through a desert environment killing zombies before they kill you!

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April 13 – 20

Blue effect

Blue Effect is an atmospheric sci-fi wave shooter that will thrill you with excitement, test your endurance and your bravery! Enjoy outstanding sound design and fight for your survival. Are you ready to face your darkest fears?

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