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Virtuosity Academy is dedicated to preparing our clients to become skilled in the computer science and/or computer engineering technologies so that they can be prepared to enter into a world of innovation with the confidence and dedication to excellence necessary to succeed


Classes begin:  July 15, 2019

Classes end:  According to Client


Course Cost:  $20.00 per hour

Course Times:  With reservation


Virtuosity provides its clients with expert tutoring in the manner of a Montessori trained, Special Education teacher with whom clients are encouraged to discover, develop and direct their natural gifts and talents towards success in both their personal and business endeavors.


Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Computer Science is the study of how data and instructions are processed, stored, communicated by computing devices.

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that integrates several fields of computer science and electronic engineering required to develop computer hardware and software.


Client Expectations

Clients will be expected to engage in the learning process with a positive and open attitude.  Clients will be expected to ask for help only after exhausting their cadre of critically thought out solutions.  Clients will be expected to learn at their own pace, not concentrating on how others are performing. Clients will be expected to ask questions and pose arguments when those questions or arguments arise.  Clients will be expected to help their fellow learners, when possible, find a solution to their problem(s). Clients will be expected to respect themselves and all others at all times.

Academy Expectations

Virtuosity Academy will be expected to provide the most efficient and effective learning experience for those individuals wishing to discover, develop, and direct their gifts and talents in computer science and computer engineering.  We will respect everyone at all times and provide each client with the guidance and tools necessary to achieve their learning goals.

Virtuosity’s Learning Program

Our individualized learning program assesses each client’s ability and skill level by starting them at the beginning stage of the program and allowing them the freedom to work at their own pace through the multiple stages of their education.  By the third stage, clients will be ready to move to a more advanced path to their goal. At this stage, clients will be expected to work in a team setting to produce and actual computer application which will be showcased at our Virtuosity Arcade for consumer review and feedback.

Virtuosity’s Financial Aid

Since transportation between home, school, and work can be difficult, Virtuosity offers its “of age” clients the opportunity to earn while they learn.  Part-time apprentice positions will be available to all clients of legal working age. As an apprentice clients can learn what gamers like and don’t like, the age and gender of clients and what types of games are played most frequently.  As they process customers into their experience, clients will be required to keep cursory data on the customers they assist. This is valuable data collection for a game developer. Since all clients will not be able to work at Virtuosity Arcade, those who do will share out the information collected with the whole group at the Wednesday group meeting.




Stage 1 – Coding with Kano

In this stage of the course clients will learn the very basics of computer coding, how it works and how to work with it.  Playing their way through each of Kano’s learning levels will build upon the coding skills acquired in the previous lesson and remind competent coders of the foundation of coding.  Learning at their individual levels, clients can progress through the lessons at their own pace, receiving guidance, whenever necessary, with the expectation of a trial and error approach in their learning style.  Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to problem solve and will, with guidance, learn to improve those skills to become more productive thinkers.

Learning Objectives – Kano Computing

In this section of our camp, clients will begin with mastering the steps of the Kano “Lean to Code” program.  Clients will achieve:

  1. Self-confidence – Clients will gain confidence in their ability to produce functional computer coded projects set out in the Kano “Lean to Code” program.
  2. Self-motivation – Clients will learn to move through the lesson at their own pace, seeking guidance when absolutely necessary.
  3. Computer coding skills – All clients will begin here and continue through each learning level at their own pace, completing the requirements for assessment at the end of each goal.



Stage 2 – Moving Ahead with Unity

At this stage, clients will work along with the Unity tutorials on YouTube, learning C# and the physics of movement in game development.  As for all stages, Clients progress through this stage at their own pace and are able to move forward upon completion of their project and assessment requirement.  Should clients move quickly through the Unity Tutorial stage of the program, they can then be enrolled in a program they have researched and decided best meets their educational needs and learning goals.

Learning Objectives – Unity Tutorials

With Basic Computing mastered, clients will move on to the Unity Tutorials section of our program.  In this section, Clients will achieve:

  1. Mastery of Unity Tutorial for Beginners 2019 – C# Coding – Clients will follow the instructions provided by the instructor in the video.  With regular oversight, tutors will be available to address any client concerns when problems arise.
  2. The confidence to show their progress and be assessed on the completion of their project by peers and social media.
  3. The ability to identify their strengths and work with those strengths to think critically and problem solve effectively.
  4. An understanding of their area of educational pursuit given their gift and/or talent in the computer/engineering technology field.

Stage 3 – The Program

There are many on-line institutions that offer programs in computer science and computer engineering technologies.  At this stage of the client’s education they must make, or their parents must make a pivotal decision. To continue the education process with Virtuosity or move their path in a different direction.  By continuing with Virtuosity, clients are encouraged to expand their gifts and talents by developing virtual and augmented applications that can be marketed.

Virtuosity will provide clients who have reached this level of skill and competency, the continued support of their tutor and mentor in working through the development process on a project proposed by the Dream Tank, LLC.  Clients will be expected to join a Dream Tank team, specific to their area of interest, to bring the team’s chosen project to a successful conclusion given peer and social media confirmation.


Learning Objectives – Individualized Educational Program

Clients will:

  1. Work in a team to create and develop a computer application chosen from a list of opportunities offered by the Dream Tank, LLC and assessed by peers and social media.
  2. Bring their particular gift/talent to the team to input, troubleshoot, accept, and creatively, and effectively problem solve issues that may arise with their project and/or within the team.
  3. Teams will showcase and test their project’s  viability in the application’s market at Virtuosity Arcade in order to invite public review of their application(s) for the purpose of updating, upgrading, and making their application more marketable.


Within the Program

The best way to become a game developer is to be a game player.  Virtuosity Academy offers its clients, by virtue of Virtuosity Arcade, the ability and opportunity to be a game developer that is knowledgeable about and understanding of the virtual and augmented reality experience.

At the end of each learning session, clients will have the opportunity to engage in whatever virtual or augmented reality application included in the Dream Tank repertoire.  Clients are asked to pay attention to sound, graphics, preferences of locomotion, movement of characters and whatever their area of study deems to be important.

Weekly observation sessions will be held to discuss issues within the applications that the teams are having and issues, if any, there are among team members, observations about the new title games arriving on Steam and the possible upgrades of the old favorites.

Clients will be required to place regular comments on the Steam Community “Discussions” page and/or on the Review Game site for an application they are reviewing.  Clients are also encouraged to work on problems that are generated within the Steam Community should they pertain to their project and share any solutions that are considered.

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