Virtuosity Pricing

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Virtuosity’s prices are the lowest in the region.  We strive to give every member of the community the opportunity to experience and enjoy virtual reality gaming.

Daily Prices

$3.00 for 5  minutes

$5.00 for 10 minutes

$7.00 for 15 minutes

$9.00 for 20 minutes

$15.00 for 30 minutes


Group Rates

20% off for groups of 5 or more players

Stay together and play together!


Event Prices

Exclusive VIP  rate 30% Off regular pricing

Up to 10 players

VIP players only

You bring the party – we bring the fun!

Go to our Scheduling page to reserve your special event!


Our subscriptions will save you money!!

30 Days for $30.00

60 Days for $50.00

90 Days for $75.00

Unlimited play for less than $l.00 a day!

30 Day Subscription


60 Day Subscription


90 Day Subscription


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