VR Tournament Schedule

November 16-24, 2018 — Beat Saber

“There are essentially three things to remember when you slash a block. First, ensure you’re starting your swing from a 90-degree angle. This awards you 70 points. Following through, you should continue your swing for at least another 60 degrees, which awards up to another 30 points. Finally, how close you slice to the middle of a block can net you up to another 10 points, bringing the total possible score per block up to 110 points.”


Age  and difficulty levels:

7 – 12 years old
Easy for tournament
Normal for elimination round

13 – 15 years old
Normal for tournament
Hard for elimination round

18 +
Hard for tournament
Expert for elimination round

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December 20-29, 2018 — Space Pirate Trainer

“The game uses two controllers, one in each hand. You can transition back and forth between a gun and a shield by reaching over your shoulder, as if unsheathing a sword hung across your back. The robots fly around you in 360 degrees, firing bursts of lasers. You shoot them to finish a wave, block incoming lasers with your shield, or blast enemy fire out of the air with lasers of your own.”


Competition Age levels:
7 – 15

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February 15 – 23, 2018 — Arizona Sunshine

“Horde mode also forced us to find other quirks of the game. For example: if you reload before your ammo is fully spent then you’ll end up dropping and wasting ammo. You can pick-up clips that aren’t completely empty from below your feet, but it pays to keep firing until your gun is empty. Luckily, the ability to dual-wield guns allows you to overlap gunfire and keep on shooting while you reload empty weapons.” 


This is a multi-player tournament game for 2 player teams.  The age level is 18+ and teams will compete against each other in horde mode.

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April 12 – 20, 2018 — Blue Effect

“Welcome on Planet Exo-277. A place where your abilities will be tested. This world belongs to the alien race that doesn’t know what defeat means. You will be facing enemies that are ruthless, cruel and mainly terrifying. Survive and become the famous warrior in the universe!”


The tournament is played in single player mode.

Competition age level 18+

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